Oviyam brings to you a combination of three T-Shirt designs for your Dinosaur obsessed family. If your family loves Dinosaurs or if you are having a Dinosaur themed party or if you are just in a mood for some good old Dinosaur themed family fun, go no further than the Oviyam Dinosaur Family T-Shirt series. This is part of the three matching Dinosaur family T-Shirt series including “Dinosaur Family T-Shirt Triceratops as Dadceratops Dinosaur Themed for Dad”, “Dinosaur Family T-Shirt Mommysaurus as Brachiosaurus Dinosaur Themed for Mom” and “Dinosaur Family T-Shirt Kiddie Rex as T-Rex Dinosaur Themed for Kids,”. With this T-Shirt, the Daddy in your family becomes a Triceratops with the name Dadceratops, Mom becomes a Brachiosaurus with the name MommySaurus and the Kids becaome a T-Rex with the name Kiddie Rex. It’s a great choice for Dinosaur-themed parties or just to wear it whenever you need some good old Dinosaur fun.
Your classic t-shirt with a great fit. Perfect for boys or girls!

• 100% jersey cotton
• Durable ribbed neckband
• Unisex
• Not intended for sleepwear