At Oviyam, our goal is to help you find ways to amplify the most important facet of your life – YOU!

So much as we lose ourselves within the grinds of everyday life, it’s important to look back at ourselves to see if we are doing and feeling the best we could at every point in time.

Needless to mention, we see T-Shirts to be that kind of a unique apparel which can be a true expression of yourself and that of your unique personality. Not many apparels lend you the sophistication of speaking out your own mind and also adding a touch of classy casual or chic styles.

Oviyam designs are simple yet bold, subtle yet strong, modern yet minimalistic along with a tap of elegance that lucidly expresses the personality of the very person wearing it. With Oviyam, showcasing your thoughts and your personality is just an apparel away!

And what more, we are now going global!

If you live in the United Kingdom, you can now indulge yourself in this new way of wearing your attitude.

We are glad to announce that Oviyam T-Shirts are now available in the United Kingdom. Some of our best-selling designs are available from the Amazon UK site and we’d be adding more over the next several weeks.

While we look to bring many of our designs to both United States and United Kingdom alike, you can also expect to see many unique designs specific to your own unique cultures and events.

Here are the designs you can currently order from Amazon UK.

The Magic of Music for The Musical Couple

Oviyam Matching Couples Music Notes His Her Womens T-Shirt

Oviyam brings to you the Oviyam Couples Collection – a collection of “His and Her” T-Shirts with a unique and flamboyant design that signifies the deepest love and long togetherness. This unique design lets couples show their love for each other and also each other’s common love for music. The “Oviyam Matching Couples T-Shirt Music Notes His Her Mens Gift” worn along with “Oviyam Matching Couples T-Shirt Music Notes His Her Womens Gift” incorporates a handcrafted music notes based typography that commends and complements the couples for being the one that completes the other in their soulful relationship.

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For the Science Nerd in your family

DNA Double Helix Chemistry Pun Genetic Hydrogen Bond T-Shirt

The Double Helix structure of our DNA is due to the Hydrogen bonding between its base pairs, which link one strand to the other and enable replication. Oviyam DNA Double Helix Chemistry Pun Genetic Hydrogen Bond T-Shirt is a representation of this bond that makes us all. Parents and Children can wear this T-Shirt at your respective sizes and metaphorically imply “the Bond” that binds us all together creating the biological relationships.

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A Pumpkin Spicy Way to Welcome the Autumn

Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice Fall Latte Autumn T-Shirt

Oviyam’s Fall design is a blend of rich color and fun that captures the true spirit of everything that is Fall. Oviyam Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice Fall Latte Autumn T-Shirt has all the elements that you love the Fall season for – the changing leaf colors, harvesting fruits, wearing boots, falling acorns, drinking pumpkin spice latte coffee and lots more. Wear the Oviyam Pumpkin Spice Everything Funny Fall Gift T-Shirt to enjoy this lovely season.

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If Autumn comes, can Halloween be far behind?

Jack O' Lantern Pumpkin Face Scary Funny Halloween T-Shirt

Oviyam brings to you our unique Halloween T-Shirt. Oviyam Jack O’ Lantern Pumpkin Face Scary Funny Halloween T-Shirt evokes many classic Halloween feelings at the same time. This Jack O’ Lantern design is scary with a knife for a node, has a double tooth mouth adding to its spooky feel and is overall a great fun T-Shirt to wear. It’s a great choice to wear just as a classic Halloween T-Shirt or as a Jack O’ Lantern costume. Perfect for Halloween themed parties or trick or treat visits.

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For teachers and the avid learners

Butterfly Lifecycle Learn Something New Science T-Shirt

Oviyam Butterfly Lifecycle Learn Something New Science T-Shirt is a unique design that shows the four stages of a Butterfly’s Lifecycle. This Science / STEM themed T-Shirt is a great choice to wear for school students, kids, teachers and anyone who loves science and biology.

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If Chemistry is your thing

GeNiUS T-Shirt Periodic Table of Elements & Atom Chemistry

Oviyam brings to you yet another geeky and nerdy design for those of you who can never have enough of science and chemistry. The Oviyam GeNiUS T-Shirt Periodic Table of Elements & Atom Chemistry incorporates the words Genius spelled out to represent the symbols for Germanium, Nickel, Uranium and Sulfur along with their atomic numbers as per the periodic table, written surrounding a diagram representing an atom.

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Autism Awareness – Embrace the difference

Oviyam Autism Awareness Embrace Difference Puzzle T-Shirt

Oviyam Autism Awareness Shirt Embrace Difference for Autism Walk aims to inculcate the awareness of the many unique characteristics of Autism. Studies have shown that those with Autism are far more intelligent when it comes to logic based reasoning than others. This design by Oviyam combines two pieces of puzzle – traditionally used as a symbol to represent facets of Autism awareness, with the words “Embrace the Difference” indicating that Autism is about embracing and managing the differences and they are in no way lesser than others. The alphabet D in the word Difference is designed as a Logic AND gate, which further reinforces the Logic oriented intelligence associated with Autism.

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