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While we engage ourselves within the grind of everyday life, we are also joined by a common love for that one thing that makes the “day” actually happen – Life. At Oviyam, we talk about the lifestyle and themes that matter to us all. And our goal is to help you find ways to amplify the most important facet of your life – YOU. Visit our blog to read all things lifestyle!

Looking for the simplest way to showcase your thoughts? Check out our T-Shirt collection. We see T-Shirts as a true expression of the person themselves and that of their unique personality. We create designs that are simple yet bold, subtle yet strong, modern yet minimalistic along with a tap of elegance that lucidly expresses the personality of the very person wearing it. Showcasing your thoughts and your personality is just an apparel away! Visit the Oviyam Store, and you can buy some of our T-Shirts on Amazon also.

Good Quality. Comfortable. And the design is a head-turner.

An Reviewer

Oviyam Tee Shirts make great gifts for any occasion.


The shirt is as intriguing as Schrodinger’s Cat itself!

An Reviewer

I’ve been wearing my autism tee by Oviyam with pride, and I love it. If you love someone on the spectrum you’ll love it too.



This T-Shirt shows the four stages of a Butterfly’s Lifecycle and adds the message “Did you learn something new today?” to convey that learning can be exciting and could be from any source. The Butterfly Lifecycle artwork and the message connotes a fact taught and a fact learned at the same time, as well as encouraging learning of a new science fact every day.



There is no place like home. And there is no home like the planet we love and live in. This simple and unique design incorporates the text HOME written large and bold. The H represents the plants, tress and all the greenery of Earth. The Earth itself takes the place of O. M is our oceans and alL the waters the encompass our planet. E represents the stars and the universe that hosts our home planet.

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