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5 Ways to Celebrate Pi Day at Home, Work and School – Are You Ready for Pi Day?

Of all the days we celebrate. Pi Day is probably the most unique of all. Here, we celebrate a number – a number that is only as unique as itself.

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And who doesn’t love a celebration? Be it major festivals, holidays, personal occasions or just for the sake of some good gold quirkiness, Pi Day is one occasion which could have a bit of all – including the quirkiness one.

So, what is Pi?

If you look around you, Pi is everywhere. Even your eyes that are looking around you in search of Pi is also designed with the meticulous perfection that is Pi.

Pi is a mathematical constant originally defined as the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. It is approximately equal to 3.14159. But being an irrational number, it cannot be expressed as a common fraction. The most frequently used fraction is 22/7. But that’s just as far as it goes.

Every year, the day March 14 – which is the equivalent of representing 3.14 in a MM.DD format – is celebrated as the Pi Day. While it’s just about a simple yet sophisticated number, how could you actually celebrate this?

You don’t have to be a math geek to understand and enjoy the magic of Pi. All you need is just being ready for some geeky fun!

Here are 5 ways to celebrate Pi Day at home, work and school. Are you ready for Pi Day yet?


Pi Day Hoodie Inspire Math Nerd Irrational Number Gift

Wear a Pi themed apparel wherever you are. Check Oviyam’s Pi Day Collection.

Decorate your home, office, cubicles or your classroom with Pi themed props. Stick temporary tattoos or removable stickers on yourself. Skim through the collection of products listed below this post – a few of them could be quite a handful for adding a touch of geekiness to your decorations.


We know you love Math, and this is the day you can actually show it off even with the food you eat.

If you are home, eat food items that have a circular shape – like a Pizza, bananas cut into round pieces, oranges or round cookies. Bake your favorite pie incorporating ingredients which could have a flavor of Pi in them. Use ingredients like Pickles, Pineapples, Pinto Beans, Pita bread, to name a few.

If you are at work or school, organize a Pi Pot Luck where everyone brings in food that has a Pi theme to it. Top it up with a dessert cake customized to have the words “Happy Pi Day” or the symbol of Pi written on it.


Pi Moment is at 1.59PM on Pi Day. Why? Because the expansion of Pi starts with 3.14159. With 159 being the number immediately succeeding 3.14, the time at 1.59PM is the Pi Moment.

While there’s 10 seconds to it, start a new year style count down. For even more fun, consider using a ball or anything equivalent that is circular, decorate it with Pi stickers and use it as a Ball Drop. And as the clock ticks to 1.59PM, the Pi Ball Drops and everyone cheers out loud “Happy Pi Day”. Shake hands, give Pi hugs.


Celebrating Pi Day could be made as irrational as Pi itself. It’s not just about staying indoors and having Pi fun, but you could actually step outdoors and bring the Math geek out in you. Try these outdoor Pi Day ideas.

  • If you could, walk or run 3.14 miles wearing a pi themed apparel.
  • If you think that’s too hard, make it a 3 minutes and 14 seconds run wearing your pi themed apparel.
  • Drive for exactly 3.14 miles from your home or office and see where you get. That is your Pi Spot!


Just like any celebration is never complete without some music and song and dance – Pi Day needn’t be any different. There are many Pi Day songs where we sing in praise of Pi and Math and how we love them.

Here is one song that you can sing to the tune of “We wish you a Merry Christmas”

We wish you a happy Pi Day
We wish you a happy Pi Day
We wish you a happy Pi Day
To you and to all
Pi numbers for you
For you and for all
Pi numbers in the month of March
So three point one four!

While singing and dancing would be fun at home or school, you could listen to Pi Day songs before you head out to work or in your car while commuting to work – and that is sure to make your day full of Pi.

Here we have curated a collection of geeky and cool Pi Day collections that you could use to celebrate Pi Day.

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